Anonymous asked: Could you start tagging the names of the games you post??

Eh. I still don’t like the idea of cluttering up posts with a bunch of tags because I think that it reduces the overall effect of the images. From an organizational standpoint, I can’t imagine it would be much more helpful to have absolutely everything tagged.
Also: keep in mind that I put game titles in each post’s permalink.
Also: I retroactively tag/organize certain games that have been heavily featured. The list is on this disgusting page that I need to update and probably will by the end of the month.

That being said: maybe i’d consider it eventually if someone posed an insanely thorough and reasonable argument.

Thanks for a message.

Your friend/captain of the S.S. Video Games:
F. Martin “No Greater Love” TownsMarty.

浮気なあなた (Paradise, 1994, FM Towns)

unkn0wnigga asked: are the pics u usually post from a pc-fx emulator?

Nope. 99% of these images are from PC-9801 and PC-8801 games. 

[MAP OF THE COMPUTER]復活祭  - アスティカーヤの魔女Grocer, 1992