freejohngotti1993 said: i always found it really funny that this blog is called fmtownsmarty when its like 93% nec pcXX screenies

Anonymous said: Are you able to put up downloads for the games which you post GIFs and pics for since people might want to play them, but some of them are rare or hard to find?


Hey. This isn’t a romsite and I earnestly believe that it’d be much more rewarding for you to go on your own knowledge adventure. Spend some time digging around the “weird internet” and I’m sure you’ll find what you need. Look into TOSEC sets which are pretty easy to find and have romanized filenames. Spend some time reading threads on the Tokugawa Corporate forums. Don’t be annoying on the Tokugawa Corporate forums. Delete all files on your computer every 24 hours.

Anonymous said: Literally the only thing I would ask of you is this: include one tag or a bit in the link for each post denoting what *system* a given game is on. It'd be interesting information for comparison (since I know, despite the blog name, not every game on here is taken from an FM Towns :V)

I guess i’m not opposed to doing something like that for images that aren’t from PC-98 or PC-88 games. (IMPORTANT: Most of the images on this blog are from PC-98 and PC-88 games. Remember that the name fmtownsmarty is more connotative than descriptive).

The following are some helpful tips and hints from the pros. Spot the differences! Develop strategies and internalize them! Share them with your families!


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Anonymous said: Could you start tagging the names of the games you post??

Eh. I still don’t like the idea of cluttering up posts with a bunch of tags because I think that it reduces the overall effect of the images. From an organizational standpoint, I can’t imagine it would be much more helpful to have absolutely everything tagged.
Also: keep in mind that I put game titles in each post’s permalink.
Also: I retroactively tag/organize certain games that have been heavily featured. The list is on this disgusting page that I need to update and probably will by the end of the month.

That being said: maybe i’d consider it eventually if someone posed an insanely thorough and reasonable argument.

Thanks for a message.

Your friend/captain of the S.S. Video Games:
F. Martin “No Greater Love” TownsMarty.


(pre-summer 2011 posts don’t have this but i’m getting around to adding them. You can also ask me about specific games I haven’t sourced because it makes things easier for me.)


Anonymous said: Hi, I wanted to know where are the tarot screenshots you use to answer asks from, and if you have a tag or something to find reblogable ones. Love the blog! :)


Anonymous said: do you speak japanese?


mggttss said: could you recommend some blogs that you dig for me?

Here’s a short (and incomplete) list of blogs that i feel a deep, convulsive love towards:

legendoftheriverking said: This is the best tumblr ever. thank you for sourcing the games you post, not being a secretive dick and keeping it real over all. Thanks for existing!!!!

Thanks for the kind words, gentle follower.

I’ve been trying my best. 

I’ve been eating better and getting more exercise.

As long as we’re on the subject of transparency and putting things out into the open, here’s a fun little secret I’ll let you all in on.

Do you see that lousy green Div that contains everything else on my blog?

Well, check out the background image:


It’s the screen portion of a Game Boy jpeg that I found on five years ago. Pretty neat, huh?

Anonymous said: do you have any personal favorite images from the ones you've posted?

Yeah, here are some of them:

museeum said: Your blog makes me happy!!


pplastic said: Ur blog is gr8 <3